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Version 1.2 . 228kb
SPGrab is a small windows application that runs in the background allowing you to quickly create screenshots and share them with anyone online via a tinyurl that is automatically copied right to your clipboard.
Who created SPGrab?
SPGrab was created by the fine folks at ShiftPlanning.com.
We created SPGrab because online screenshot sharing is an important part of our business. We were frustrated with the bugs and costs associated with existing apps like TinyGrab, so we decided to do it right ourselves.

SPGrab is a free app, because we believe that everyone should have access to simple online screenshot sharing.

Is SPGrab Supported?
We are providing limited support for SPGrab in our forums. If you're interested in getting involved, to create a Mac version for example, please contact us.
How does SPGrab work?
SPGrab allows you to take screenshots of your entire screen, active window, or of a selected area. Once the image is grabbed you can:

» Save to your computer
» Copy to your clipboard
» Upload to our server
» Upload to your own FTP

What are the default Keys?
» FullScreen: Ctrl+Shift+F
» Selected Area: Ctrl+Shift+S
» Active Window: Ctrl+Shift+A
See SPGrab for yourself:
Key Mappings
Key Mappings
FTP Settings
FTP Settings
Custom FTP
Custom FTP